Master Planning

Clients often have a vision for a project but are unclear where to begin and how to arrive at a budget. We serve clients in master planning across a wide array of project types. This often takes the shape of master planning workshops, high-level planning and design of facilities and sites as well as master plan-level budgeting. We pride ourselves on master plans that are practical, actionable and that lay a solid foundation for finding the way forward on projects to completion.


Master Planning Services Available to You:

• Pre-Design Services
• Renderings and Animations
• Resources for Market/Feasibility Studies
• Single and Multiple Facility Evaluations
• Site Selection and Evaluation
• Space Utilization
• Regulatory Agency Liaison and Permitting
• Utilities Considerations and Planning
• Preliminary Master Budgeting
• Public Votes and Funding Support
• Grant/Loan Application Assistance

Additional  Services:

Architectural Services

Interior Design Services


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North Kansas City, MO
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North Kansas City, MO 64116

Kansas City, KS
707 Minnesota Ave., Suite 506
Kansas City, KS, 66101