Sioux Falls Burn Tower & Tactical Training Buildings  


A complex of tactical training buildings replicates common local building types, exteriors and streetscapes so crews can train for common incident scenarios.

The 6-Story tower can be used for training related to buildings as varied as offices, multi-family, hotels and others.

Controlled gas-fired props include furniture, appliances and other elements.

The tactical training building complex includes an urban search and rescue structure.


Sioux Falls, SD


15,600 Sq. Ft.
(6 Story)
4,600 Sq. Ft.
(2 Story)


The 15,000-square-foot Class B burn tower is situated in the central area of the 42-acre Sioux Falls Public Safety Training campus. It provides six stories of tactical training simulation space with gas-fired fire training props. These training elements are part of master planning work completed in 2018 and designed by WSKF Architects, Abercrombie Planning+Design and local engineering partners. Each floor has a unique design layout and associated burn props such as beds, kitchen stoves and sofas to provide a dynamic environment.

Design partner Tommy Abercrombie used risk assessment input from Sioux Falls first responders so the training environment replicates common incident scenarios.

The tower can be used for scenarios related to buildings as varied as multi-story commercial, multi-family and hotels. Fire crews can train on elevator and balcony rescues, interior search and rescue, flashovers in hallways, roof rescues, roof-rappelling, and rescues using aerial apparatus, among other scenarios. Police scenarios include clearing buildings, domestic disturbances, active shooter and other situations.

The two-story house accommodates fire crew training on attic fires, laddering through windows and roof access, interior rescues and bedroom fires, and other common residential scenarios. Police training scenarios include calls for mental health issues, domestic disturbances, active shooter and others.


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