Fire Station No. 1 and Headquarters

  • The design balances the needs of Columbus Fire & Rescue and the Rural Fire District for career and volunteer crews and apparatus
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Columbus, Neb.


28,675 sq. ft.
Leaders in this community of nearly 22,000 selected Police Facility Design Group and WSKF Architects as a team to design the city’s new separate police and fire facilities. WSKF engaged City and Fire Department leadership in defining the operational and other needs for a new facility to house fire station operational needs and HQ functions. The design is carefully tailored around the joint use of the facility by Columbus Fire & Rescue and the Rural Fire District to house career and volunteer fire crews and apparatus. The preliminary two-story design of 28,675 sq. ft. includes eight bays for apparatus ranging from ambulances to aerial trucks. The residential area provides bunks for eight, kitchen/dining/dayroom, fitness, detoxification area and support spaces. Also the full cadre of HQ administrative spaces. A 3,500 sq. ft. classroom provides training space for 100 attendees. Overall, the facility advances goals of turnout efficiency, training, crew health and wellness, low maintenance and long-term durability in a cost-effective manner. WSKF’s design reflects a number of our firm’s innovative station design strategies.