Roadside Architecture rendering of Gomers

Design Watercolor of Gomers Wine & Liquor


Roadside Architecture is rare in Kansas City even more rare is New Roadside architecture. The Gomer’s Wine and Liquor Store franchise has a long history in Kansas City and when the existing store was slated to be torn down to make way for a new shopping center the owner Tom Stacey wanted to do something different and create a landmark.  The designers at WSKF sat down with Tom in an after hours charrette where, with the help of some samples from the store, the concept for the “Wine Barrel” was born.  The design moved rapidly from concept to finished design but not without a detour when the wine barrel started to look more like a 55 gallon drum.

Wine Barrel roadside architecture

Finished Building Roadside!

The building is a pre engineered structure with tilt up concrete panels.  The straps of the barrel are rolled steel shapes with sheet metal covering.  I have tried to recall examples of Roadside architecture in or around KC and I am having a hard time.   Provincial zoning boards and NIMBY’s have all but eliminated this wonderful element of the built environment.

See below the Tee pee Hotel outside Lawrence, Kansas and sadly now closed the drive through park at Dinosaur World in Beaver Arkansas and the classic Randy’s Donuts in LA.   Take a look at this great site to locate examples of Roadside architecture in your area.


Remains of Tee pee Hotel

Dinosaur World drive through park

Huge King Kong at Dinosaur World


Classic Example of Roadside Architecture

The big Donut in LA