On Street Parking – Creating There There.

Multifamliy architecture at CityView

  There is a huge difference between living on a street and living on a parking lot. It is that simple.  When built in 200 plus unit apartment projects, multifamily housing projects can quickly become brutal in their lack of a

Living Over the Garage – Carriage house made new

Breezeway at Carriage House Apartment Building Courtyard side

    Multifamily housing rarely sees anything new but more common is that ideas are lost and then found again. The design at CityView in North Kansas City, Missouri, looked to renew or find many lost ideas and update

Roadside Architecture in KC

Roadside Architecture rendering of Gomers

  Roadside Architecture is rare in Kansas City even more rare is New Roadside architecture. The Gomer’s Wine and Liquor Store franchise has a long history in Kansas City and when the existing store was slated to be torn