Barber Shop is One Small Step for Progress in KCK

Sometimes progress comes in small steps. One such small step is the recent opening of Jose’s World Wide Barbershop at 537 Central. The 1,300-square-foot family-owned barbershop and salon gives new life to a down-on-its-luck building. WSKF Architects principal John

Roadside Architecture in KC

Roadside Architecture rendering of Gomers

  Roadside Architecture is rare in Kansas City even more rare is New Roadside architecture. The Gomer’s Wine and Liquor Store franchise has a long history in Kansas City and when the existing store was slated to be torn

Remaking the Igloo

Igloo painted by Scribe

History:  I had never heard of “the Igloo” not growing up in Kansas City I was unaware of this much beloved childhood experience at the Kansas City Museum. The igloo had been removed as an exhibit due to changes